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How Osteo-Studio was created…

Antti Käkönen

Professional Osteopath

I am a forty-year-old osteopath from Imatra. I have always been active and interested in the functioning of the body and health. In my younger years, I worked at the Imatra paper mill in various logistics roles.
With the advent of automation, I became unemployed, and it was time for a career change. Based on recommendations, I chose the Finnish Sports Massage School in Fuengirola. In massage school, my thirst to understand the functioning of the human body grew, and I decided to pursue studies to become an osteopath.
After completing the osteopath degree, the desire for learning and understanding has not waned. I continuously update my skills with several advanced training courses each year. In addition to formal education, working with clients contributes to my development. Being open to learning from clients’ issues and forming an understanding of what has helped in the past is crucial in the field.

Benefits of Osteopathy

There are various ways to practice osteopathy. In musculoskeletal issues, my current approach is very functional, focusing on how you can move your body. I assess the nerve function and activity of the muscles related to the issue before and after treatment. This way, you immediately notice how the functionality has improved at the end of the session. This, in itself, encourages trust in the body’s ability to heal.
When you can use your body better, nerves, muscles, and joints are under less strain, and the cause of pain diminishes. I aim to explain to the client in an understandable manner what is causing the issues, what needs to be addressed, what can be done to promote healing, and what should be avoided.
I incorporate biodynamic osteopathy into almost every treatment, especially when dealing with migraines, headaches, dental misalignments, and disorders of the autonomic nervous system, such as insomnia, shallow breathing, and functional gastrointestinal issues. The emphasis on biodynamic treatment becomes significant in addressing these conditions.

Trainings & Extra Courses

My thirst for understanding the human body has led me to attend numerous additional trainings and extra courses on in-depth subjects.
After graduation, I have studied:
Numerous trainings in Biodynamic Osteopathy.
Trainings in respiratory and cardiovascular systems.
Trainings in the hormonal system.
Trainings in applied neurological rehabilitation.

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